Decisions · Results

Week 1

The first week’s results are out!!


  • Managers are looking stressed
  • Had to make emergency purchase of 6 lbs. of coffee
  • Special decision – Customer Survey

Resultsperiod 1

For the first week, we sold 1,598 cups of coffee at $4.00 per cup. Our total revenue was $6,392.00, although we had expenses reaching $7,648.75. We didn’t worry about these figures because we knew we had to spend a good bit of money before we would start to see profits.


In order to keep our managers and staff from getting stressed, we decided to raise their salaries to $700.00 and $11.00 respectively.

Instead of 45 lbs. of organic coffee, we decided to purchase 60 lbs. to make up for the extra we bought during the period, and for new sales.

For the Special decision, we chose to order a professional survey for $500, because the more information we had ensured that we made better decisions for each week.

We left all the other variables the same.

Stay tuned for week 2!



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