More posts coming soon!!!

Don’t worry guys, we’re going to finish this. We’ve been caught up with summer fun and then some crazy school stuff.

Hang tight we’re going to post the rest of our results before the end of the semester 🙂

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For our Principles of Management class, we were required to run a coffee shop  with the great BizCafe Business Essential Simulation. The simulation enables students to experience realistic business situations, and to make real life business decisions.

We were put into groups, and had to elect a leader/ manger to control decision making.We also had to implement different concepts and ideas learnt throughout the duration of the course,such as controlling and planning.

The simulation generally runs for 10-15 weeks/periods. We had three practice periods to get a hang of the simulation before competing with other groups in the class.

Stay tuned for week 0 and our start up decisions!